In this world

of our Tīpuna

Our Tīpuna (ancestors) observed the world around them, and grew deep connections between the Atua, the World, and their people.

Our Tīpuna formed cultures that root people securely among whānau (families), encouraging healthy relationships and individual wellbeing.

Our Tīpuna wove pūrākau (narratives) with values, tradition, ancestral knowledge, language, and art.

Our Tīpuna lived in a rich and relevant world, exploring, innovating, and flourishing.

It is in this world of our Tīpuna that we live.


Beautiful Games.

Piki studios is a small whānau game design and publishing company, based in Aotearoa (New Zealand). We focus on developing beautiful, meaningful content and resources immersed in the Māori world.


Ko Tokatea te maunga

Ko Harataunga te awa

Ko Rākairoa te tipuna whare

Ko Te Aitanga-a-Mate te hapu

Ko Whetu Paitai ahau


Tokatea is the mountain, Harataunga is the river, Rākairoa is the meeting house, Te Aitanga-a-Mate is the people. To these people and places I belong. I am Whetu Paitai.

My whānau (family) and I have been on a 6 year journey to reconnect with our Tīpuna (ancestors) in a deep and meaningful way. We have 4 tamariki (children) and we educate them from our home and marae (a traditional communal space for Hapu to live, learn, and grow).

We believe that we all need a strong sense of who we are, where we are from, and how we came to be, as we grow with each other in this amazing global village we now live in.

We believe this strong sense of identity can be nurtured by remembering and honouring our tīpuna and their gift of heritage, as we meet each other, share our stories, and progress forward into our futures.

Welcome to our journey.