Learn about our local stories and histories by connecting and engaging with local Iwi, Hapū and communities and creating amazing new resources using Minecraft and more! Join below by following the 5 easy steps!



Use the map to pick the area for your Wero submission. Download the resources and read through the guides on engaging with Iwi, Hapū and Communities and make a plan to connect with them.


Find stories and histories that your local Iwi, Hapū, or community are happy to share with you, and decide together what you would like to build in Minecraft, or even create outside of Minecraft.


Work with your local Iwi, Hapū, or community to design and develop a world or creation that tells the stories or histories you have learnt. Be sure to listen to your communities and allow them to lead in the way they share.

If your local Iwi, Hapū, or community don’t want to submit a creation, that is totally okay. The most important thing is you have connected. You can your journey and creation with Aotearoa New Zealand by submitting your work for the Minecraft Wero 2022.


Join our Minecraft Wero 2022 platforms (see below) and check out creations from other communities have shared to learn about their stories and histories from all around Aotearoa New Zealand.

See creations from other communities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minecraft Wero 2022?
The Minecraft Wero is a challenge that anyone can join to learn and share the stories and histories of the communities and people around us. There are 2 kinds of groups

How long will the Minecraft Wero 2022 run?
The Minecraft Wero will run all year and finish up mid December.

Are there any prizes for submission?
There will be 4 rounds throughout the year that schools or communities can submit to.

How do we get involved?
Anyone can register by submitting to the Kura, Hāpori or Whānau categories.

What will we be doing?
Your challenge is to download an area of Aotearoa New Zealand from our website and work with local Iwi, Hapū and communities to tell the stories and histories of those spaces and peoples.

What resources will we get?
You will download a Minecraft world for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (for consoles, phones, tablets and Windows 10) and Minecraft Education Edition (for schools, clubs and home based learners), a set of printable work sheets and maps to plan with, and some helpful guides to start engaging with your local Iwi, Hapū and communities.

Do we have to submit our creations for the Minecraft Wero 2022?
You can undertake the Wero in anyway that works for you and your communities! If your community feels the stories and histories you build and learn about should stay within the community, then that is awesome. If your community is happy to share them by submitting them to the Wero, then that is awesome also. The important thing is that we are engaging and learning about our local communities!


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